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Category: Nepal
Jul 20
Nepal: Namaste from our Homestay!
The journey from the end of the trail to the homestay community was an endurance-filled one, marked by bumpy roads, long drives, a stay in Kathmandu, and a finale requiring a hike...
Jul 18
Nepal: Reports from the Trail!
Curious what our Nepal travelers have been up to? We were, too! That’s why we were thrilled to receive some notes from the trail! Since they wrote these notes, the group has...
Jul 12
Nepal: Early Mornings, Trail Pals & Vistas of a Lifetime!
Our group of trekkers made it to Annapurna Base Camp, and has the high spirits to show for it! (And the photos!) The trek has presented many challenges for the group, but...
Jul 08
Nepal: The Trekking Begins!
Our intrepid Nepal explorers are a few days into their trek to Annapurna base camp, and everyone is feeling great! The trek is not without its challenges, from bugs and humidity, to...
Jul 04
Namaste from Nepal!
Namaste, dear readers! We cannot believe our students in Nepal are already several days into their stay there. They have begun learning Nepali, tried out many new foods and styles of eating,...
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