Where do you go from here?
Jun 11
You Never Know What You Might Learn: Interview with Mariama!
Summer is only a few weeks away, and we love getting to know our students! Mariama is a 16-year old from New York City who loves to dance, white water kayak, and...
Jun 06
Positive Vibes, from CA to CR: Interview with Cinthya!
Summer is only a few short weeks away, and we love getting to know our students! We spoke to Cinthya, a sociable 11th grader who loves getting herself involved and enjoys helping...
Feb 28
Hasta Luego, Costa Rica!
By the time you’re reading this, our incredible Notre Dame Academy ticas* are back in Massachusetts, reunited with their families, and sharing their travel tales in their own voices. Here’s a quick wrap-up of...
Feb 22
“There’s something about this place”
Our tireless and charismatic Notre Dame Academy students have been working hard on their community service projects and diving deep into the wonderful world of cultural immersion this week! The host community...
Feb 19
NDA in Costa Rica: Rainbows, Rainforest!
Our sixteen Notre Dame Academy (Hingham, MA) students arrived in Costa Rica on Friday morning, and jumped right in to the Pura Vida lifestyle! Just a few hours into the trip, they...
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