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NEPAL: Circle of Life

BLOG 5: Circle of Life

The group is deep into the community immersion with just 5 days to go before transitioning into final travel. They are cruising on the Ob/Gyn clinic construction, working long and rewarding days and spending the evening with their families.

This week, as a secondary projects, some students chose to spend a full day shadowing their family members, cutting grass, feeding buffalos, planting rice, and even witnessing a site 3 of our students will never forget…

Circle of Life

[Student-written blog post begins below]

After anticipating the possibility of witnessing a natural Nepali birth, our dreams came true when our homestay sisters came knocking on our door at 10:15 pm. Half-asleep we walked to the local heath post and met the family. Hours went by as the mother was in labor. Sraghvi and Kendall called the time of birth of the new beautiful baby girl at 12:51 am. We were able to watch the entire birth, and we are so grateful for the experience. “This was the most beautiful experience we’ve seen, and we are so happy!” – Sydne, Sraghvi, and Kendall.

[END of student-written blog post]

Welcoming the Newest Member of the Community


Mayley working with her host family planting rice

New Computer setup for Ob/Gyn ward thanks to the Nepal group’s amazing fundraising efforts



Village Stroll


Secondary Projects in School

Happy Birthday Lila T! (Yes…we have 2 Lilas…and a Lily on this program 🙂 )

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