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Where do you go from here?
Jul 10
Costa Rica: Exploring The Rainforest!
The Costa Rica crew is having an absolute blast in the rainforest! In the few short days they’ve been there, they have already gone ziplining, rappelling, and tree climbing. They’ve also started...
Adam Aronovitz
Hawaii: Orientation and the Adventure Begins!
Greetings from the field! The Hawaii group is having an absolute blast and learning so much! Here is the blog post the group hand-wrote (see the typed version after the photos).  ...
Adam Aronovitz
Nov 24
Kelly’s 10 Gift Ideas For Travelers
Hey all, I’m Kelly, Global Routes’ associate director! Suffice it to say, 2020 hasn’t been great for travel, but I’m confident we will be back on the road again soon. As we...
Kelly Moynihan
Sep 15
Western Colorado University Mountain Resilience Gap Semester is in the field!
Dear friends, families, loved ones, and onlookers! This intrepid group of explorers has now been in the field for exactly 2 weeks! As students send over their reflections on the program we’ll...
Adam Aronovitz
May 30
A Gap Year Amid a Pandemic
How to see this time as an opportunity to create the future you want. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by...
Julia Stewart
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