Costa Rica: Wrapping up our hard work!

This week of hard work has paid off, and you can see how beautifully our students transformed what started off as bare walls into works of art! They spent the beginning of the week carefully painting all the surface, and got to spend the final day beautifying!

The team was also able to start demolition work on the bathrooms in the soccer stadium / community center. It was hard work, but they formed a strong team to tackle the challenge! They started by breaking down a wall inside the bathroom, and then they put a much needed finishing coat of cement on the outside!

On Friday, the group was going full-on from morning to night! First, they woke up extra early to milk some cows and learn about making cheese, then they continued on to work on the bathroom and more painting of the main community hall, and then they headed to a local hot springs for the afternoon. Take a look at these adventures below!

These past few days also marked the group’s last days in the community. It was bittersweet for everyone – adventure awaits, but they also had to say goodbye to the warm and welcoming families of Guadalupe – and they celebrated by spending extra time with the children in the community, and by treating everyone to a cake!

It’s farewell for now to the beautiful community of Guadalupe, we’re sure they’ll miss these vistas. Next up, our intrepid travelers have a few days of adventure before wrapping up their trip.

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