Costa Rica: Painting the Town Red

Since our last update, our group in Costa Rica has settled down in their host community and started their community service project.

Working in communities and making sure that our projects align with their needs can be a tricky endeavor, and often requires flexibility and patience. Our group is learning this lesson first-hand. After some project supplies were delayed, they got to work on a back-up project that involved LOTS of painting! Take a look!

The group has also bonded well, and are a friendly and supportive unit! For one activity, they documented their travels in a group journal. Take a look at what the trip has been like for them so far, in their own words.

In the next few days, they get to start their main project, tearing down part of a football field/community center so that a new one can be built. It will be hard work, and we know our travelers will do a great job.

They will also be learning how to milk cows, how to make cheese, and visiting some hot springs. As they wind down their community stay, they’ll get to play games with kids in the community, and host a community-wide party. Check out our Instagram for sneak peeks before our next blog post!

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