Sunsets in the Caribbean

Saying farewell is almost always difficult, and the end of our program in the Caribbean was no different! Our Caribbean crew spent their last few days wrapping up their exploration in Bequia, sharing meals, shopping in Kingstown, and celebrating the anniversary of their host “parents,” the Cupids.

For one of their last meals, our trip leader, Megan, cooked a delicious Indonesian meal with the group. Everyone loved it!

Here’s the group at the Cupids’ anniversary dinner!

The group drew a composite of their three leaders as a farewell gift!

Back at WMI, the group de-briefed their experience, and began the process of sharing it with the many communities they form a part of. As they returned home and started the process of settling in, we got to hear a bit about their experience from a new perspective: parents! Take a look.

“She grew up an impressive amount over the summer. It is mind-blowing that a high-school girl can learn so much about respect, empathy, and accountability in a single excursion. I can’t come up with any negatives.”

“[The trip] was trying sometimes (oy, the heat!), but he says that the difficulty is exactly what made it most worthwhile.”

“Our son has assured us that he will always remember every detail of his fantastic time in the Grenadines, because it has been a life-changing experience. The group’s immersion in a physical and cultural environment that is completely different from home has given him a broader perspective, deeper understanding, and profound appreciation for what is important in life. He also has formed incredibly strong bonds with the group members, who are caring, supportive, and delightful young men and women. We are grateful to Global Routes for providing such a spectacular opportunity for the group members to become caring global citizens and develop their best selves.”

We are so excited to see where life takes each of our amazing Caribbean travelers. Until next time!

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