Costa Rica: Settling into the Groove

Our Costa Rican travelers are continuing to settle into their host community, and are cruising along in their service project, which is to contribute to expanding the community’s casa comunal. The casa comunal is used in community events, meetings, festivals and more! It was the site of our welcome party, and will likely be where we say goodbye, too! All that to say that it plays a critical role in the dynamic of our host community, and our travelers are thrilled to be playing a role in beautifying and expanding it!

Take a look below at some updates from the worksite, some fun anecdotes, and a few more updates from birthday girl, Rocio!

One of the many great views from the heights of Aguas Buenas.

Sohee, Catalina and Diana looking super fly on the work site! They were mixing and hauling cement.  😎

Eva hard at work, pouring cement!

Diana and Xochitl’s host mom made Rocío a really pretty, super delicious cake!

The whole group went over to Señor Fallas’s house to celebrate Rocío’s 17th birthday. Here they are, looking happy and healthy! (One of our students is peeking in from the doorway)

Mica and Xochitl feeling super lucky to be doing their laundry, enjoying the simple things in life!

Qin and her cute lil’ host sis!

A great view of the center of our host community. All the students live about 10 minutes from this point. The roof of the casa comunal can be seen on the left.

Sohee loves to bake; when she found out her host mom is a baker and has her own mini bakery at the house, Sohee was thrilled. Twice a week her host mom, Enil, wakes up at 4 am to start baking. One morning Sohee got up bright and early to bake with her, learning how to make traditional Costa Rican bread!

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