Caribbean: Our Journey Begins!

Our group’s journey to the Caribbean began with several days of learning, bonding, and preparation at the tree- and spirit-filled Windsor Mountain International Summer Camp. As Leaders-in-Action (LIAs), our Caribbean program participants are carefully chosen from WMI-alum applicants to lead their own summer camp abroad, and their time at WMI is dedicated to making sure they’re ready for the challenge!

The days at WMI camp were filled with hours of planning, leadership-development and team-building exercises, plenty of music, and endless laughter. The journey to St. Vincent – where our group will be based for the month – began with a 1:30am wake up, but our travelers were in great spirits!

Here they are from the airport in Boston – bright and early! – to the tarmac in St Vincent.

The day of travel was long, but these travelers are a hardy bunch, and the travel fairies treated us well – not a single bag was delayed in transit!  Here’s one of the first group shots on the island!

The next few days were a whirlwind – filled with a Magical Mystery Tour in Kingstown (a special Global Routes/WMI tradition!), gathering supplies and groceries, swimming at Wallilabou Bay (where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed!), and moving to the community where the group will lead the summer camp. Everyone is loving settling into the host community, where we stay with a fantastic family who love welcoming us back each year. Take a look!

Our enthusiastic travelers re-enacting their magical mystery tour.

On Sunday, the LIAs joined Pastor Cupid – their host – at church, where they got to hear the choir sing, sway and clap along with the music, and even sing for the church! The whole crew got up in front of the church and sang I’ll Fly Away and Lean On Me, accompanied by Kiki on guitar and Noah on the ukulele. The rest sang along both in melody and harmony. Jillian even took the microphone at the end and explained to the entire church why we’re here– to bring the values and the fun they’ve had at camp to a new place so they can continue to share what Windsor Mountain has given them.
The whole crew before church!

The LIAs walked through Lauders hanging up posters they made to advertise their camp. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining, the trees waving in the wind, and people out walking and saying hello. Will makes a point to say “Good morning,” to everyone he passes, in proper Vincentian fashion, which all of the locals appreciate. Charlie and Zena spent some extra time walking around hanging up the posters the groups could not finish before their dinner-stays (evening visits with host families), and even talked to a few local boys about the camp!

It’s been an adventure-filled start to the program, and we think our students tell it best. Take a look at what they have to say!

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