Nepal: Early Mornings, Trail Pals & Vistas of a Lifetime!

Our group of trekkers made it to Annapurna Base Camp, and has the high spirits to show for it! (And the photos!) The trek has presented many challenges for the group, but all are thriving as they push themselves to do things they never thought they could, supporting one-another the entire way.

On the way up to Annapurna Base Camp, the crew was treated with a glimpse of uncharacteristically wonderful clear skies, receiving glorious views of Annapurna South peak. By the time they reached the top, clouds started to roll in and the group experienced true Himalayan mountain weather.

They had to leave super early – 4:30am! – in order to reach the base camp at 6:00am, enjoying a delightful breakfast and some hot drinks at the top, before visiting a glacier and heading back down.

Everyone felt happy, tired, exhilarated, and STRONG. We’re so proud of this group, and imagine you are, too!

The crew has a dog companion who has been following them along the entirety of the trek. Everyone has warmed up to his company – and named him Reggie – despite the fact that he is a bit of a trail hog. Intermittent rain, dal bhat, pastas, soups, coffee, and tea have also been companions throughout the trek, keeping everyone hydrated, well-nourished, and thankful for the tea house roofs over their heads each night!

Take a look at their journey below!

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