Costa Rica: Making a New Home in our Host Community

Since leaving the Rainforest Adventure Center, our group has begun to make its home their host community. In groups of two and three, our amazing crew has settled into their new homes, getting to know host parents and siblings. The community is beautiful, nestled in lush hills full of life, and the families have extended warm welcomes and smiles to our travelers.

The group got some time to relax, sleep, read, play some soccer, and get to know their families when they first arrived. Once they’d replenished their energy, it was time for the service project to begin.

Take a look at the group’s first few days in their host community below! And keep an eye out for a special note from our birthday girl, Rocio! Feliz cumpleaños, Rocio!

At the community welcome party!

On our Magical Mystery Tour – a scavenger hunt with a twist! – picking up trash around our new community.

Some of our strong chicas on the worksite.

The materials arriving!

Our fearless leader, Randee, getting her hands dirty.

The birthday girl, Rocio! Here’s what she had to say:
“This is the first time I have ever had a homestay and immersion experience. It took me a bit of time to become adjusted to this new environment; however, it was made easier by all the people that were so welcoming here. It is interesting to be able to see all the ties people have among the community, and how much everyone works in unity to support each other. this sense of unity has made me realize how much someone can work to help others – something I will carry on with me as a lesson from this experience.”

Making even more new friends.

Everyone loves the bright colors on the colones.

That’s it for now!

Pura vida!

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