News from Olorien

After a fabulous weekend at Mt. Meru and a visit to the United African Alliance Community Center, the group has been back in Olorien working away at the service project. At Mt. Meru the group enjoyed singing together along the trails, they saw water buffalo and giraffe and enjoyed the hike. After Mt. Meru they headed to UAACC, and met with the founders Peter O’Neal and Mama Charlotte. Peter and Mama Charlotte charmed and inspired the group with their stories and dedication to education and children.  Enjoy learning more about UAACC here.

Back in Olorien the project is coming along nicely. The group fundraised beyond our expectations and so we were able to provide more funding to the community to help renovate the old toilet house. This will mean in addition to the 8 room toilet house the group has help construct, there will be two more stalls in a separate structure. There are close to 1400 children in the school, so the addition of these new toilets is greatly needed.

As the days in Olorien wind down the group is making the most of their time with each host family. Many of the students have cooked meals for their families. The boys ventured to make cookies for their host family – in a frying pan, and… the family loved them!  Almost everyone has learned how to make the tradition bread, chipati.

Tomorrow the group will have a morning excursion to visit a water treatment facility as well as a coffee plantation.  They are also busy planning for the farewell party at the end of the week. Fabio listed off about 6 or 7 people who are planning to make presentations at the farewell, so the group and the community are in for quite an event.



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