Notes from the Ecuador Galapagos Students!
As the group headed out of their beloved home for the last two and half weeks, Paloseco, and on to Quito then the Galapagos, a few students found time to reflect on some of the special daily routines:
Truck  Rides
From the first night we arrived in Paloseco, Don Rodrigo, our beloved truck driver, was our primary mode of transportation. Though seemingly foreign at first, these rides have become soothing or us.  Each day we travel to and from work aside members of the close knit comnunities that we have worked and lived in.  The truck ride is a way to reminisce about the day´s events or activities done the night prior.  We´ll definitley all miss the excitment surrounding these adventurous rides with Rodrigo.
 -Leah and Sophie

Lunches at the worksite
Everyday at 1230, after a long morning of hard work, we made our up-hill trek to lunch.  We were hot, tired and hungry but the promise of an experience in Ecuadorian cuisine kept our tired legs moving.  Whether is was grilled pork (cancho) plantains (platanos)  pasta with steak (carne de res) or potatoes stuffed with cheese (locally known as tortillas) we could alway count on delicious food and full stomachs.  Carmita, a host mother, sepnt the mornings preparing feasts in the kitchen.  We always made sure to thank her and hghlight the many foods we loved.  While eating good food we were also in good company as we ate each meal with fellow group members and people from the community that helped that day on the job site.
-Gillian and Olivia
Sunset in Paloseco
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