News from La Guaria, Costa Rica

The group is doing great, they are wrapping up the construction work and spending as much time as possible with their homestay families. Some of the students are preparing for the farewell “Despedida” part and writing a group song in Spanish about their 17 days in La Guaria to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas. We hope to see video of this!

The classroom addition is done and painted and the group also finished a mural of a colorful world map! Each morning the group meets for breakfast and check in near the worksite. Then a few students check in with the Foreman and head teacher and report back to the group about work needs to be done. This process and routine has shown real leadership on the students’ part.

In addition to working on the classroom and world map mural students have been teaching English classes in the school and coaching soccer clinics!

I the afternoons the group has continued to teach each other Spanish lessons, each with different themes. In the evenings the group has enjoyed spending time with their host families as well as engaging with the group in evening activities. Two night ago the group participated in an activity exploring values, Andrew and Kaycie were very impressed with the insight and maturity showed in discussion.

On Friday, Micah, one of the students had to head home, as planned, to start his leadership position at summer camp, the group through a fantastic going away party on Thursday night for him. Annika, Stephanie and Eliza along with their host mother prepared a Tamale feast!

Micah is nothing less than a superstar and will be missed by the group!

Sam, one of Micah’s homestay partners showed true creativity during a group game the other evening. Avery, also in a homestay with Sam and Micah has been working hard on the worksite and his Spanish, as well as sharing a bit about Quaker meetings with the group.

Ricardo and Dylan are really enjoying getting to know their host family, especially their host father and all he has to share with them. They provide a steady and even energy for the group.

Maliyah and Yingshi are working hard on their Spanish and each set goals this week to speak more Spanish with their host family. They are also going to get to meet a new host sister who is visiting town this week!

Olaide really enjoys the worksite and always comes to the site with a positive attitude. Her Spanish is improving and has a goal of speaking Spanish for a whole day.  Talia and Olaide really enjoy their homestay family, and Talia presented and led a Spanish lesson on how to get to know the homestay families better.

Ruth and Livi cooked up a spaghetti dinner complete with a cake for dessert for their host family. They are enjoying exchanging cultural traditions with their family.

The whole group is looking forward to the final travel of surfing and whitewater rafting, although of course sad to leave the community. They will be making the most of this last stretch of their stay in La Guaria!


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