News from Lamagon, Nepal

We had a chance to quickly catch up with Avy while Grant held an umbrella for her and they stood just where cell service came in and in pouring rain! Dont worry we did not keep them on the phone too long, just enough time to get a quick update.

The group is doing really well, everyone is really enjoying the homestay experience, becoming all too familiar with Dal Bhat, but loving becoming closer and closer with their host families.  Bolle and Binad have been cooking delicious breakfasts and lunches for the group on the worksite including pancakes, pizza, fruits and veggies as well as more local cuisine.

The walls on the project are up, the classroom is just missing a roof at this point. The group spends their days mixing cement, sand, and laying bricks! Soon they will be moving on to plastering. With the school needing less and less work the group is also working on refurbishing the restroom facilities.

We hope to hear more from the group later in the week, but wanted to give you a quick update for now!



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