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Dec 31
2019 Was One for the Books!
As we step into 2020, we are reminded to reflect on what we stand for. These values have been our guiding pillars for over 5o years, and they have grounded us in...
Adam Aronovitz
Jun 06
Positive Vibes, from CA to CR: Interview with Cinthya!
Summer is only a few short weeks away, and we love getting to know our students! We spoke to Cinthya, a sociable 11th grader who loves getting herself involved and enjoys helping...
Jul 28
Galapagos Adventures!
What an adventure it has been. Now headed back to the mainland, the group has quite the experience in the Galapagos to look back on and remember! We will let the photos tell...
Jul 18
Update from Lauders
We woke up Monday with butterflies in our stomachs. Our excitement for the first day of camp couldn’t keep us from worrying if the ten of us and our bag of supplies...
Jul 16
With the sun shining bright…an update from Selela
With the sun shining bright in Selela, the group is still hard at work making continued and impressive progress on the project. Layering brick upon brick, mixing mortar, shoveling sand, and raising...
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