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Galapagos Adventures!

RockandoceanGalapsWhat an adventure it has been. Now headed back to the mainland, the group has quite the experience in the Galapagos to look back on and remember! We will let the photos tell the stories, but first a few highlights:

The group traveled to several islands and sites on in the Galapagos. In particular, Kicker Rock, a favorite of all our groups, stood out among the rest. At Kicker Rock the group snorkeled with tropical fish of all shapes, sizes, and colors, no to mention, sharks! They also reportedly saw around 25 sea turtles. Most groups are only lucky enough to see one or two. After Kicker Rock the group went kayaking in the Isabella Bay. Here they were in for a real treat, and made new friends: While kayaking they had penguins swimming up to some of their boats and playing with them. They also spotted blue footed boobies and sea lions.



When we spoke with the group they were enjoying playing volley ball on the beach, and spoke of earlier Kadima tournaments and music jams. With some beach time, exploration around the islands, and time together as a group, everyone is having a great time! Dan and Alison are singing the group’s praises, the group is performing! They have been practicing leader of day, taking initiative leading group discussions on re-entry and reflection, and making the most of their last few days before heading home. Tomorrow, back on the mainland, everyone will have some time in Old Town in Quito to explore and then the group will enjoy a final banquet and celebrate all they have shared together in the last 5 weeks.



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