Where do you go from here?
Apr 27
Getting to know the General River Valley
For our final weekend excursion in Costa Rica, we decided to stay a bit closer to home and get to know the other side of the General River valley, the side that goes...
Apr 13
The ABCs of Panama
Global Routes Costa Rica just got back from a weeklong mid-program break in western Panama. They visited the beach town of Santa Catalina and the island of Coiba just off-shore, which is...
Apr 06
Semana Santa, tico style
Greetings from Costa Rica! It’s been a wild two weeks of exchange and celebration in San Antonio. This past week, Semana Santa, is an important weeklong holiday for most of Costa Rica. Because...
Mar 24
Manuel Antonio weekend
Costa Rica gap students share a bit from their excursion weekend in Quepos and Manuel Antonio National Park, and their goals for the next few weeks in the community: This weekend was...
Mar 19
Why Homestays?
WHAT IS A HOMESTAY? In broader terms a homestay is a cultural exchange opportunity when a student or visitor stays in the home of a family local to the area where the...
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