Caribbean 2018: Bequia Final Travel

Our Leaders In Action braved a marathon travel day, and we have loved getting to see them around Summer HQ today! They’ve had a great past few days, and have written the post below.


Time has flown by! Sooner than we had known, we said our goodbyes to the local children of Lauders and a quick ferry ride later we found ourselves in Bequia! As our van pulled up to our accommodation for the week, we were all so pleasantly surprised with our spacious house with a pool! We didn’t waste any time as the next morning we started off right away with a walk to the turtle sanctuary. We had a lovely talk with Brother King about his work in caring for and breeding turtles and releasing them back into the ocean. It was so cute to see all the baby turtles swimming around! Post lunch, Brinsley our local Bequia guide, took us to Peggy Rock, the highest point on the island. We had beautiful 360 views of all the beaches surrounding the island! We ended the day at one of the beaches we had a view of from the top and floating amidst the waves and yachts for the remainder of the evening and had a beachside dinner post sunset. What a lovely day!

Our remaining days in Bequia included exploring lovely Port Elizabeth, souvenir shopping, and an island tour where we took a speedboat out to a small island nearby to snorkel and have a fish cookout. The ride was choppy but so fun! The water was clear and the reef was beautiful to look at. Sea urchins and fish lined the waters. Once we needed a break, there was a lovely stew ready for us with homemade coconut dumplings, potatoes, and freshly caught fish (thank you spearfishers!) We had a taste of some local sodas too! Yum yum!

Before we knew it, we were on the ferry heading back to the main island for our last night in the Caribbean. Due to Emancipation Day, there were celebrations happening all around town.  We enjoyed a final banquet at VeeJay’s restaurant of fried tuna, baked potatoes, bbq chicken, and delicious banana bread for dessert. 

We were all so reluctant to leave the islands after all the hospitality we have been shown, the friends we’ve made, and the experiences we’ve had together as a family. After a long travel day, we arrived back at camp in the wee hours of the morning. We are excited to share our experiences here with the rest of camp over the next few days!


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