TANZANIA: Village Farewell

BLOG 7: I am grateful for Qurus because…

For the past three weeks, the Tanzania group has been living and working in Qurus, a village in the Karatu district of Tanzania. Today was their final day in this wonderful community and there was a lot of gratitude to go around! Each student has written in their own words why they are grateful for Qurus, and their messages are truly heart-warming and profound. We’ve pulled out just a few below, but we encourage you to read each of the letters to truly get a sense of the impact this community has had on the students.

“It was a space that allowed me to learn about distinct people and cultures while helping me learn more about myself and who I want to be.” 

“My homestay family is the best I could possible imagine.”

“Working here at the school has given me insight into what it means to serve, and how I want to serve my community at home and abroad in the future.” 

Also below, you will find beautiful portraits of each student with their homestay family.

Homestay Family Portraits


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