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CARIBBEAN: First Days of the Friendship Camp

Blog 2 and 3: Learning the “vinci” lifestyle.

The student’s Friendship Camp has begun, and the group is getting into the groove! This blog includes two posts from the St. Vincent blog crew.

[Student-written blog post begins below]

Blog 2: “We started to explore our new home in St. Vincent. We traveled around two towns, Lauders and Griegs and advertised our friendship camp to the local youth. At the same time, we stumbled across a local hangout and cooled off. On Sunday, we were welcomed by the community in church. Church in St. Vincent is full of music, dancing, and joy. We got to introduce ourselves and shared some American gospel songs. We ended up the day observing the place of our future camp.

The next day, we finally got to start what we had been planning for almost a week. We divided our activities into three departments: sports, arts, and miscellaneous. Even though this first day was partly chaotic, as we had never explained running a camp before, we were all very content to meet all the campers and their smiling faces.”

Blog 3: “The following camp days got better and better, as we learned from our previous days, and adapted the materials we needed for each day. As our group continues to bond with each other and with the campers, the days are running smoother.

The camp’s population is very diverse because some of the campers live in the two nearby villages, Griegs and Lauders. We have learned that while some are coming to camp for the first time, others have been regularly visiting this friendship camp ever since they were young.

Each day, after camp, we divide ourselves into cleaning and cooking crews, rotating and preparing some fine meals. Furthermore, all of us get to spend each evening walking through Lauders to visit the homes of local community members and share delicious Vinci meals as we watch and learn their lifestyles.”





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