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COSTA RICA: Homestay Families Welcome the Students with Open Arms

COSTA RICA BLOG 3: Homestay Life

An authentic immersion experience is the hallmark and highlight of all Global Routes programs. Our unique approach focuses the majority of a program’s time and focus within one rural community, and on one primary service project that has been selected by that community.  Living in homestays, students work on their service projects and step into the rhythm of daily life alongside their local hosts.

This post from our group in Costa Rica focuses on the homestay experiences of two students, and highlights just how special and meaningful these connections truly are.

“The family has welcomed us with open arms and we are so grateful and excited for this opportunity.” 

“Carolina and Alondra are the nicest people; they have been excited to get to know us. Carolina has been understanding of our Spanish abilities and has been talking incredibly slow, which is very much appreciated.” 

Want to experience this program for yourself? Applications for Costa Rica Summer 2020 are now open! Learn More by visiting our Costa Rica Program Page or go ahead and submit your Early Enrollment, and we’ll be in touch!

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