Tanzania: Safari Time & Camping in Ngorongoro Crater!

Blog 2: Safari Time!

The students are now seven days into their Tanzanian adventures and have recently finished a 3-day safari and a night of camping on the Ngorongoro Crater. Below, you can read a hand-written update from our “master blog crew” about all that they saw, experienced, and learned.

“To say the least, the safari was breathtaking, and had many of us realizing how lucky we are to be here.”

July 3, 2019: “Good news in Tanzania: we are doing well and are overcoming our jet lag. Since our last post, we have finished up orientation and have finished up our three-day safari. To say the least, the safari was breathtaking, and had many of us realizing how lucky we are to be here. On the safari, we got up close to lions, hippos, zebras, wildebeests, elephants, giraffes, and many more amazing animals.

To top it all off, we camped out on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater among zebras and wildebeests.

In addition to the wildlife, we also witnessed our first taste of the Tanzanian stars that come to life in the night.

“The entire trip has been mind boggling and we’re only 5 days in!” 

From zebras invading our campsite, to humming in a circle under an insane amount of stars (don’t ask), we already have collected stories we will likely be telling for the rest of our lives.” [End Student-Written Blog]

The students have now traveled to their homestay village in Qurus and have begun their service project! Stay tuned for the next blog post with updates on the homestay experience and the amazing volunteer work they are doing for the local community.

“Best day of my life!” “Greatest day of my life” “So much fun.” “So cool.”

Swahili Lessons! 

A special moment at camp. 

Program co-leader, Mary Heinemann, rocking the safari. 

The lion sleeps tonight 

Zebras and Warthogs

Lots More Safari Photos Below!


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