Ecuador 2019: 19 Students Travel to Ecuador!

Blog 1: Orientation & Introductions

It’s been one week since 19 student travelers set off from the JFK Airport to spend five weeks in Ecuador, from the Andes to the Amazon, with our amazing Program Leaders, Amanda Rader and Mike Sobel.

Big shout out to all the parents and supporters who helped get this incredible crew ready and packed up for their day of departure!!!

Program Overview: This is Global Routes 25th year in Ecuador! The program includes 5 days in the Otavalo/Andes area, 15 days in the Western Highlands in their host community for the student’s cross-cultural immersion and service project, and 8 days of final travel in the Amazon at a rainforest lodge, white water rafting, and a two days to reflect and prep for re-entry in gorgeous colonial Quito!

Upon Arrival at the Quito Airport

Documentation: At Global Routes, we always strive to put students in a leadership role. Each student has therefore signed up for a specific “crew” to help document their journey. This includes blog posts, photos, videos, journaling, and other forms of creative expression.

Moving forward, approximately twice a week, we’ll be posting updates from the group right here on the blog. Check back often and stay tuned! The student-written blog post starts below… 

Proud Bloggers

“It has been one week of our orientation. So far, we hiked to a waterfall on the 1st day. We also hiked to a volcano called Lucita. Then we went to the market which allowed us to see the artistry of Ecuador. This allowed us to see their historic, beautiful background, cool fashion, as well as the hustle and persistence of the vendors.

After the market, we went to San Clemente to see the indigenous people and the black community writing to revolt against the government to obtain their rights. We also learned that when we see a rainbow colored flag, it represents a historical context; it doesn’t represent the LGBTQ community.

At night in the sky, we were able to see the Milky Way, Big Clipper, etc. We also saw the city of Ecuador light up like a beautiful diamond.

Right now we are transitioning to the homestay. We are both nervous and excited for the homestay!

Thank you for tuning in, we will send another post on Friday.”

The Blogging Team: Giftbelle, Leyliana, Angela, Bryan, and Tashani

Since publishing the blog, the group has traversed the highlands of Ecuador, passing below the majestic volcano peak of Cotopaxi and is now getting settled for the first night of their cross-cultural immersion, the heart of every Global Routes program!

Learning traditional crafts from our incredible hosts in San Clemente

Service Project at San Clemente

Learning traditional Andean cooking methods



Our applications for Ecuador Summer 2020 are now open! Learn More by visiting our Ecuador Program Page or go ahead and submit your Early Enrollment, and we’ll be in touch!


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