Caribbean 2018: Happy Campers

Our Caribbean Group sent an exciting blog post from St. Vincent!:

“The Caribbean team is well under way on their travels! We had a great first few days in Kingstown meeting the friendly locals, trying St. Vincent flavors and exploring the beautiful beaches and roads of the island ! On our way to the homestay in the countryside, we enjoyed some authentic bbq and a quick dip on the white sandy beaches of Kingstown. The Cupids welcomed us into their home with open arms and we’ve been here now for four days. We kicked off our stay with a tour with some local kids of their little countryside town. By recommendation of the town locals, we found ourselves at a little waterfall and swimming hole within the first hour of our tour! Sometimes the best part of traveling is the unexpected. Nobody complained as we enjoyed some time sharing stories and dipping our toes in the water to cool down as the town kids swung from the trees and goats wandered on the hillside farmland. Every face we passed was a friendly one; everyone was eager to say hello and how are you. This place was already feeling like home from the start . As we made our way home we were invited into a local’s shop for endless bananas and mangos for the group as he shared the history of his store with us. What a treat! Thank you Chris Humphrey!

We enjoyed a lively church service with Pastor Cupid and the Lauders community on Sunday. We dressed in our Sunday best, sang a few of our favorite songs, clapped along to new ones, and met some local children that would be joining us at camp (and invited the town to spread word about our camp!)

We’ve now undergone three days of camp and it’s been an absolute success! We’ve had about 60 kids and teens show up. Whether we’re playing a giant game of cricket or soccer, making friendship bracelets for each other, teaching them how to play chess and frisbee or them showing us how to pick coconuts; we’ve had an absolute blast! We’ve all made some great friends within the community. We’ve began noticing some needs within the community and initiated some discussion regarding projects we’d like to work on during our remaining time here in Lauders. We can’t wait to see what’s in store!”



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