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Hasta Luego, Costa Rica!

By the time you’re reading this, our incredible Notre Dame Academy ticas* are back in Massachusetts, reunited with their families, and sharing their travel tales in their own voices. Here’s a quick wrap-up of their final days in Costa Rica!

(*Tico/tica is a name for the people of Costa Rica!)

The girls’ community projects concluded successfully, with a completed a 60 x 20 foot (!!!) wall for the community center, painting and two beautiful murals. Not to mention, of course, the priceless connections with homestay families, neighbors and their project counterparts.



“Building Alliances Against Violence Towards Women”

The finished wall!

Thursday night was a goodbye party, or despedida with homestay families. Community members sang the Costa Rican national anthem and the NDA group sang the U.S. anthem! Students then took turns reading goodbye and thank you messages to their families. There were many hugs and tears all around, a reflection of the bonds that form very quickly when cultures and languages are shared.

The next 48 hours were a whirlwind of packing, scenic bus rides, and….surfing at the beach!

Expert surf instructors Carlos, Clifford, Jorge and Helón spent a few hours teaching the girls surfing basics, and they caught on quickly! Liz reported that almost everyone was able to stand up, and several students caught multiple waves.


A HUGE thank you to our Global Routes leader, Liz, for her unwavering leadership and hard work! Pictured here with surf instructor Carlos.

Thank you for following Notre Dame Academy’s Global Routes journey in Costa Rica! Pura vida y hasta luego!

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