Costa Rica: Pura Vida y Hasta Luego

Our Costa Rica travelers’ two week trip has drawn to a close, even faster than we could imagine. They packed so much bonding, learning, adventure, exploring, and service in to their time together, and we are all proud of what they accomplished. After a full week of full-time painting, demolition work, and engaging with their host community, our travelers took their last few days in Costa Rica to get a big dose of adventure by learning to surf! There were a few stubbed toes and scraped knees, but everyone started to get the hang of the surf by the time the day wound down. Look at these pros!

Read a little bit more about what else they got up to in their final days.

Before we even realized it, it was time to head to the airport. Here’s the group for one final group grin before they went their separate ways.

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