Costa Rica- Back from the weekend excursion

First, happy birthday to Yingshi yesterday!

We were hoping to get some photos from Costa Rica yesterday but their connection when some of the group went into San Isidro was not strong enough. Anyway, the group arrived back on Sunday evening from their weekend excursion to Manuel Antonio, a beautiful National Park reserve on the western coast of Costa Rica. The group began their excursion in San Isidro where the split into groups to buy food for the weekend. Then they headed to Costa Linda a great hostel just a short walk from the spectacular beaches of Manuel Anotonio. The group enjoyed a delicious dinner at Costa Linda and a good night’s sleep.

The next morning they headed out on a guided tour through the area, their guide was incredible knowledgable about animals, flora and fauna. The group saw many lizards, monkeys and sloths, as well as one very special spider! They spent the afternoon at the beach and on a short hike before heading back to the host community.

Back in the host community, the group and is well on their way to finishing the classroom! They went into town and bought paint yesterday. They are also working on the world map which we cannot wait to see pictures of!

Soon the group is going to begin helping in the school with English language classes and some games and activities for the children. Today a few students observed an already ongoing English class to learn how the classes are typically taught.

Homestays are going well. One host mother is eager to show all the students how to make Tamales!

We will send pictures and post more updates as soon.


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