Ecuador/Galapagos weekend excursion!

Happy Birthday to Olivia yesterday! The group celebrated with a party at one of the host family’s homes on a hill. The community and the group enjoyed cake, games and dancing at the fiesta!

Over the weekend the group headed away for a little excursion. The spent a restful 2 days enjoying some down-time and being together at Fundacion Wong, an environmental research reserve about 50km outside of Quevedo. In addition to quality group time and hiking to a macadamia nut grove, the group enjoyed cooking together! They created an American feast of macaroni and cheese and salad. They also enjoyed a delicious and leisurely breakfast all together on Sunday morning. They spent part of the weekend reflecting on their time in the homestays, the project and their goals for this, their last week in Paloseco.

Upon returning to Paloseco the group is energized about finishing the priject. It is moving in a productive direction and the group is showing their true dedication by working quite hard! Overall the group is excited and savoring this last week in the community.


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