Tanzania orientation wrapping up and on to the community!

We had a chance to catch up with the group yesterday and wow are they having a great time! The group is wrapping up orientation and eagerly anticipating their arrival to the host community: Olorien!

Over the last few days the group was able to get out on two safaris with Hussein and Mohammed our wonderful local contacts! The first day the group lucked out and saw every animal one could imagine! Elephants, giraffes, water buffalo, lions from afar, zebras and cheetahs! The second day the safari was focused on vast landscapes across Lake Manyara and monkeys galore! The group is enjoying taking photos and getting to know Hussein both as a guide and a talented chef. He cooked up a delicious meal of stroganoff  (meat and veggie) over rice, accompanied by squash soup, mangos and oranges.

Along the way they stopped at a school and played with children. I asked if Obama’s visit was impacting the program at all and it seems if anything it is bringing the students closer to everyone they interact with as their is a topic in common to begin the conversations!

Soon the group will be arriving in the community. Students have been asking a lot of questions and seem very aware and conscientious about cultural awareness and etiquette around the community! Jessica and Fabio are continually impressed by the thoughtful conversations during tea time, a ritual that has become an important time for the group.

We are excited to hear from the group once they arrive in Olorien and have a day or two acclimating to the community.

Enjoy the safari pictures below:




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