Global Routes and their Global Boots! – Nepal

The group is now off on their trek an exciting time for everyone involved!

During the first few days of the program the students started to become a GROUP. Through team building activities, cultural exploration and some adventure, the students worked together. Avy and Grant said that each student is very engaged, interested and enthusiastic.

Ratna, one of our local contacts in Nepal, joined the group and began some Nepali language lessons. The students got a chance to test what they learned in an afternoon MMT (Magical Mystery Tour) earlier this week. This is an embellished scavenger hunt, with a focus on cultural exploration. The students traveled to Namo Buddah to start to learn about Buddhism and the history behind the temple. All the students really enjoyed beginning to delve into this part of the program and will continue to learn and explore the religions of the country.

Now two days into their trek, the students are embarking on an exciting adventure that will be filled with meeting new people, learning a new way of life, climbing to new heights and growing together and as individuals. This will be an exciting time for everyone.

The next week we will assume no news is a good news and look forward to hearing from the group when they return from the trek. Enjoy imagining their time in the mountains, overnight stays at the tea houses and once in a lifetime vistas high in the sky!


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