Orientation activities and group highlights – Ecuador and Galapagos

The group has been busy!  With orientation in Otavalo and now getting ready to go to Paloseco, the host community, the group is rocking and rolling! The students enjoyed meeting Washington, one of our local contacts in Otavalo, and engaged in basic Quechua language lessons in addition to having some time to put their Spanish into action. Together the group visited a school where they spent the day playing soccer, braiding hair and playing games. The children loved the students and the students loved the children. They are excited to continue similar interactions with the children in Paloseco.

Earlier this week the group visited a women’s weaving cooperative where they quickly had to put their Spanish skills to test! This was a challenging exercise in communication, but very rewarding! The students learned the intricacies of the weaving process, especially how to create the patterns! Each students came away with a beautiful tapestry!

Back at the hostel the students enjoyed a bonfire, great food and an Andean band one night.Overall Annie and Adam are impressed by the group. As individuals, this group is made up of motivated, engaged, intelligent and curious minds. As a group, they are bonding and enjoying navigating through new experiences together.

Today the group is exploring Quito a bit more before heading to Paloseco early tomorrow morning. A few group members have a stomach bug, and are resting today before leaving tomorrow. (families have been notified)

We look forward to hearing from the group after a few days of settling into the host community.

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