Costa Rica – First night dinner initiative

After an early morning wake up and a long day of travel, the group finally came together yesterday afternoon. Students are from all over the United States, we are so glad everyone’s flights were on time and with no delays!

The group settled into their hostel yesterday and got straight to work on an fun first initiative – cooking dinner! Not just cooking any dinner, cooking dinner with a bunch of challenges added into the mix. We will leave the detail to later, for now enjoy the photos below! Looks like they enjoyed the meal by lantern light at the end of the evening.



Everyone is doing well and enjoying getting to know each other. This morning they left bright and early to head to The Rainforest Adventure Center. They have a couple hours drive, then a good hike into the center. This is instead of Monteverde, which is crowded with tourists this year. Mauricio, our contact at the Rainforest Adventure Center is full of knowledge, fun and excited to host out group this summer. Our Gap Year semester group visited RAC earlier this spring and had a blast, it was a highlight of their semester!

Let the adventure’s begin!

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