Wrapping up the Project!
Today is day 8 in our wonderful host community of San Salvador de Baru.  The group has been working hard plugging away at our project.  The cinderblock walls of the bathrooms are complete, cement plastered over them, roof in progress and cement being poured today for the floors.  Due to the fast pace of the project, we have been able to add another contribution to the school which has been painting the interior of the two classrooms green with blue trim.
In the afternoons, the group has participated in a different excursion every day including hikes to local swimming holes, soccer and frisbee games with community members, and an afternoon of pool and foosball with local kids.  Today’s activity is a group combination zumba/yoga class!
Students have all reported a growing bond with their host families over time and continue to make progress on their Spanish skills.  Many host moms and dads have approached leaders with stories of how much they are enjoying hosting students.
With three days left in San Salvador, we are preparing for a final work day tomorrow followed by an afternoon kids camp in which students will lead games and activities for local children in the main community plaza.  Sunday will be a final celebratory hike to Diamante (Diamond) waterfall that we have all been admiring from across the valley during the home stay.  After the morning hike to the waterfall, we will do a final celebration and goodbye party with the community before packing up and heading out to the beach on Monday morning.
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