Nepal Group Back From a Fantastic Trek!

The Nepal group just returned from the trek (their first access to internet in 10 days!) and Alissa reports that the internet connection is sloooooow…. here is their news:

Alissa:  I hope all is well! We are clean, dry, and in good spirits after
finishing the Langtang trek here in Syabru Besi. Orientation finished
on a wonderful note with an amazing hike to Namo Buddha (and our first
chance to try out hiking in the rain). The hike through Langtang
National Park has been amazing — our group has become super close,
and everyone had an amazing, though sometimes challenging experience
on the hike. We were VERY blessed to have clear mornings while we were
at high altitude near the Kanjyn Glacier, and the morning that we
hiked up to the glacier we had crystal clear views of all of the high
himalayas surrounding us including Langtang I, Ganja La, Ganchempo,
and Yala Peak.

Some quotes from the students:

Madison:  Namaste from Nepal! Meow!!!

Michelle:  Namaste from the Himalayas! The Trek was super fun and the mountains
are absolutely amazing here.

Sophia: Having been in nepal for already two weeks, it is hard to think back
to our first day. Since we are all closer and have experienced more
together than I thought possible. Since June 29th we have made prayer
flags, hiked to an unbeliveable monestary, eaten so much dal bhat
tarkari, and been bitten by many leeches — and we are still sore from
the thousands of steps we climbed to reach Langtang village. It is
hard to imagine that we only have three more weeks together: we have
much to accomplish, yet we have already accomplished so much. We cant
wait to come home, but when the time comes I am sure we will never
want to leave.

Valentine: Nepal is amazing! I miss my family like many, but this is the best
experience of my life. All of the pictures I have taken don’t begin to
describe the splendor of this country

Dan: I ate with my fingers today!

Lonya: One of the most amazing experiences so far has been the incredible
hike to the Langtang Glacier. The views have been so clear, thanks to
our luck with the weather, and nothing like I have ever seen before.
The food has been wonderful, and every long day of work has
defininitely paid off.

Caleb: I cannot begin to explain how powerful my experience has already
become. Every direction provides another view of beautiful landscape
and smiling people. I know I will try to explain my experience to
people at home, but they will never understand.

Ian: This place makes it incredibly hard to miss home. Every day we see
something new and amazing, which usually takes our FULL attention

Kelly: Nepal is so completely different from everytthing at home in an
amazing way. The people here are so friendly and always ready to
welcome us wherever we go. Our group got the chance to play with some
children today – we taught them some games and they taught us some of
theirs. It made me realize as we all ran around togetehr that ever
though I am half way around the world in a completely different
culture, people are the same.


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