Quotes from the Crew

Hola una vez mas! We know that every one is very eager to hear about our experience  here and are excited to continue sharing!  Everyone has different roles and jobs (that alternate) during our 8 hour workdays…  Currently, Emma and Nicole just finished helping out in the kitchen and preparing the empanadas.  Jacob, Hilary, and Caitie are helping the school children with their paintings, while Spencer and Jacob are teaching the kids how to play baseball.  Of course, we all take turns working on our big construction of the comedor, currently being worked on by the rest of the crew (Kirti, Matthew, Alex, Ming, Leah, Olivia, Adam, Jonathan, Carolina, Julia, and Glen).

Time with our host families is going great.  We are learning how to live in our new homes, with our new cousins, sisters, brothers, mothers, and fathers, constantly learning new things about food, lifestyle, and Ecuadorian culture.  There are much less options for variety, yet the food here is much fresher and tastier (especialmente las sandias y las papayas!)  Families here are also structured very differently.  For example, mothers here are as young as 16 years old, and families are multi generational.  For instance, it is incredibly common for uncles to live in the same house as their nieces, or grandparents.  This creates a greater emphasis on family unity in the community.

Some quotes from the students!

Olivia: The children inspire me!

Kirti:  My host family is amazing and I love playing in the dirt on the worksite.

Glen:  My parents are very helpful, thoughtful, and supportive.

Spencer: I love. My dog. Mogley Vladimir.

Nicole:  Despite the fact that my obsession with tofu and boba is sadly not being fulfilled, creating a sustainable addition to the community and a positive influence for the kids is so worth it

Alex:  Despite the fact that an enormous pig lives by our bathroom, I love our cozy bamboo house and our sisters are taking great care of us.

Hilary:  I´m enjoying living life as an Ecuadorian, bucket showers included!

Leah:  Work is hard, but worth the while, and of course I love seeing the kids smile

Matthew:  My host family is super chill and I have tons of baby animals.

Julia:  Building great relationships with my host siblings while seeing the project come together is awesome.

Emma:  It´s amazing to learn about all the new culture!

Jonathan:  This experience is different than anything I could have anticipated!

Ming:  I taught my host sister a song in English

Jacob:  I´m having fun meeting new people in the community every day.

Caitie:I love that I can connect with my host family so well!

Adam: “Though the flesh be bugged, the circumstances of existence are pretty glorious” –Jack Kerouac

Carolina:  Viva Bolivar!

 -written by Matthew, Nicole, and Jonathan

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