Haikus from Tanzania

Greetings from Tanzania!  We will post a longer, more detailed blog
with pictures early next week, but decided to write some haikus
describing our first week of service in Olturoto to tide our fans over
until then.

We worked hard and got down and dirty this week carrying cinderblocks,
mixing cement, digging holes and dumping buckets of dirt, etc. We’ve
been so productive that we’re nearly done with the toilet building! We
will begin on secondary projects next week, including a large world
map mural.

Have a great weekend! Hakuna matata!

Team Tanzania 2012

Andrew, Daniela and Laura:
Sand and dirt and sand
Covers every inch of us
This bathroom rises.

Jordan, Nava and Sophen:
Sweaty hard hats rock
I love awkward Capri pants
I like using hoes

Oscar, Rebecca and Henrietta:
Each work day was hard
Warm smiles from cheek to cheek
Amazing homestay

Maddi, Louisa and Sean:
Dark faces smiling
Dust and laughter fill the air
Two worlds colliding

Josh, Clara and Savannah:
Work hard everyday
Carrying buckets of dirt
For deserving kids

Joanie, Liam and Taylor
Dirt, dirt and more dirt
Stares and glares but we don’t care
You only live once.

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