La Variante

Written by Jeremy and Henry 

We arrived in the small Ecuadorian village called La Variante. As we went from the big city of Quito to Quevedo we came across a dirt road that we followed for about 40 minutes. We arrived at the soccer field where the whole community greeted us with applause. We then had a party in which we ate dinner and had a few soccer games. That road turned out to be the main link of the whole town which mostly posseses motor bikes.

Many of the homes are humble yet welcoming with full families to welcome us. Chau and Daniel paired us based on food and language needs, as well as who they thought would live well together. So far we have done some hard work to build up the soccer bleachers and a community oven, also they we planned a few parties and community meals in the process. After work some of us decide to go to the river to bathe, wash clothes, or just have fun. The next few weeks look promising as we will be able to move onto secondary building projects, possibly a playground. Thanks for reading!

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