Finishing up the Trek in Nepal!

We just had a wonderful conversation with the Nepal group. They are wrapping up the trek and have completed the loop back to village where they started, Syabru Bensi. Tomorrow the group will head to Dunche for a few days before traveling to the homestay community.

Overall the trek was fantastic. Ratna, the group’s guide, brought along his teenage daughter who became friends with the group. The porters were great, one spoke very good English, and all were incredibly supportive of the group and their pace. Everyone succeeded at ascending to the highest village, at 12,700 feet! Some students even chose to do a short day hike to almost 14,00 feet.

On the final day of the ascent, the mist and intermittent rain that had become the norm (but not a nuisance) disappeared and revealed clear skies and truly breathtaking views. The group took some time here with the incredible vista to reflect. Everyone felt like this was a true blessing!

The group is getting along well, finding times to play games, play music and sing together. More updates to come soon!


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