Settling into the village

We received a brief update over the phone from Kai today:

The group had a fantastic end to their orientation in Mysore with a traditional yoga class and an evening at the palace. The group timed their visit to the palace so that it coincided with illumination-quite a site! The group spent time sharing their intentions as the trip  progresses, as well as sharing affirmations and goals with each other. As they ended this conversation, the palace lit up and it was truly a magical moment. They finished the evening with a delicious dinner with live classical music.

The group has been in the community for 2 days now. They are settling in, adjusting to their new host families and the pace of village life. The group received a warm and inviting welcome by the community, complete with music, a tour of the village and a welcome sign! The foundation at the worksite is already there and looks fantastic and the group will try their hands at some masonry work in the next few days!

All is well, the group is happy and healthy, and acclimating to their new way of life for the next few weeks!

More to come soon.


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