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Category: High School Programs
Jul 09
Costa Rica 2018: Service, Ukes, Popsicles, and Soccer
Hola families! Pura vida! Haley and Pablo here. The group has officially arrived to El Llano Rio Nuevo to begin their homestay and community service project! We have been here for almost...
Katie Brookoff
Jun 11
You Never Know What You Might Learn: Interview with Mariama!
Summer is only a few weeks away, and we love getting to know our students! Mariama is a 16-year old from New York City who loves to dance, white water kayak, and...
Jun 06
Positive Vibes, from CA to CR: Interview with Cinthya!
Summer is only a few short weeks away, and we love getting to know our students! We spoke to Cinthya, a sociable 11th grader who loves getting herself involved and enjoys helping...
Jul 20
Nepal: Namaste from our Homestay!
The journey from the end of the trail to the homestay community was an endurance-filled one, marked by bumpy roads, long drives, a stay in Kathmandu, and a finale requiring a hike...
Jul 18
Nepal: Reports from the Trail!
Curious what our Nepal travelers have been up to? We were, too! That’s why we were thrilled to receive some notes from the trail! Since they wrote these notes, the group has...
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