Nepal 2018: The Homestay Begins!

After a masterful completion of the beautiful and challenging trek in the Annapurna Himalaya, our Nepal students set off for the homestay portion of their program in the village of Kakani.

The homestay and service project is the heart of every Global Routes program and this stellar group will be spending the next two weeks diving into the in-depth service and cultural immersion component of the program.

As our students are settling into life with their homestay families, they are also working on a service project in which they are constructing a bathroom for their community. The community members are very excited about this project and excited to see our students start the construction!

Our students have also been extremely excited by the influx of cute goat sightings, and the last few days was topped off by a big birthday celebration for Livie!

As always, we love hearing and seeing photos from our students travels and we’re excited to share them with you!




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