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Costa Rica 2018: Service, Ukes, Popsicles, and Soccer

Hola families! Pura vida! Haley and Pablo here. The group has officially arrived to El Llano Rio Nuevo to begin their homestay and community service project! We have been here for almost a week and the students are starting to settle in with their families and Global Routes group as well. We’ve learned a lot about how to communicate with each other and each day feels a little more harmonious as we work to achieve our project and group goals! What is this project we speak of?? So far, we’ve been doing a LOT of cleaning, painting, and tile work and expanding the local school and community kitchen. The students are engaged and learning to value the process of honest, hard work, and we can’t wait for them to start on their secondary projects that include teaching English, painting a mural and map, creating a “kids camp,” and revamping the school garden.

We are particularly excited to plant seed together, and I know our efforts will be greatly appreciated as the school year approaches! Students are SO excited to call home, and we hope that they can share more of their personal and special moments from the trip so far with all of you.

The community also just grew by 15 as one of the giant pigs gave birth to 15 piglets. Horray for the circle of life.

Attached is a little update from Crista, Cinthya, Jacob, and Surya:

Hasta la proxima, y muchas gracias for leer hasta aqui!

Pura Vida,

Haley, Pablo, y el resto del equipo!




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