Hasta Luego, Costa Rica!

For their final hurrah, our travelers in Costa Rica spent some time exploring the natural beauty of the country through outdoor adventures! These days were a wonderful time to soak up the lessons they’d learned in their host community, solidify the bonds they built as a group, and leave the country with heaps of excitement. By the looks of it, their final travel did not disappoint!

The last few days were spent in Playa Uvita where everyone got a chance to shred the gnar. Every student gave it a try, even those who weren’t comfortable in deep water.

Pictured here is our leader Randee and all of the girls on the trip. The blue stuff on our faces is zinc! Gotta protect our skin from the harsh, hot Costa Rican sun, right?

Peek-a-boo! Here are our girls heading out to surf.

Surf’s up, Catalina!

Lou and Arvin got tricks!!

Our girl Anna, killing it.

Diana and Valeria taking a breather on their boards.

After their surfing adventure, it was time for whitewater rafting on Rio Savegre!

Getting ready for the next four hours of rafting down Rio Savegre, the guides prepped the participants on whitewater rafting safety and lingo.

Cruising down Rio Savegre in Class 3 rapids was a challenge for everyone but extremely fun in the end!

Mya, Anna, Qin, and Randee made a solid rafting team- here they are after paddling through some of the rapids in the beginning.

At the head of one of the rafts, Arvin paddled furiously and was slammed by the rapids with Chloe leading the raft along his side.

After coming out of the rapids and the raft getting stuck on a large rock, this team kept their calm and problem solved to work through it.

The students and leaders had this to say as their trip wound to a close:

“We had such a great experience together on this trip. We’d like to thank our students, leaders, Summer Search, parents and Global Routes for making this dream become a reality. Our lives will forever be changed!”

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