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With the sun shining bright…an update from Selela

With the sun shining bright in Selela, the group is still hard at work making continued and impressive progress on the project. Layering brick upon brick, mixing mortar, shoveling sand, and raising walls, this group is full of hard working students! In addition to their primary construction project, the group is excited to begin painting a world map mural which will commence late this week.

Split into three groups, the group spend part of this week with local students from Selela playing volleyball, soccer, and visiting the secondary school. Everyone is enjoying these unique opportunities for cultural exchange. On Sunday the group experienced another part of the culture and went with their families to church for a three hour service, while it was a long service the students enjoyed the new experience.

Everyone is in awe of their host mothers’ laundry methods, and thankful for clean clothes! They are enjoying the food, especially the locally grown produce selection. Many families have farms where they grow corn, tomatoes, and beans, among other fruits and veggies. Some of the students’ families have animals, and this week both goats and puppies were born! Exciting times in Selela.

Later this week the group will visit the Maasai Market and have another sports day tomorrow. On Saturday they are planning to hike into a valley flanked by two near by mountains. The hike will be guided by Matt and Mary’s host father’s friend, a local ranger.

As the group settles more and more into their homestays they are strengthening their new friendship, and learning more about Selela. Whether spending time at the family owned market, with host siblings, or helping out with chores, everyone is fitting in nicely and experiencing new things every day.

With little internet connection we have not been able to received photos from the group, but we can assure you they will come home with an abundance of documentation and stories.

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