Meet Sija L., Belize ’14


My name is Sija Los and I am a sophomore at Saratoga Springs High School.  Of all my studies, I am most interested in the field of technology and Saratoga offers a great program known as Project Lead The Way that I take part in. Last summer I had the incredible experience of spending three weeks in Belize through Global Routes.  My time in Belize helped me broaden my perspective on life because my host family’s culture and way of life was so different from my own. I enjoyed eating home cooked meals with them, having small soccer games in their backyard, and laughing while they tried to teach me Spanish. As I continue on in life I know my 3 weeks in Belize will always effect me and future decisions that I will make. For now, I spend my time running track and cross country for my high school and enjoy being with friends. I am still unsure of what career path I will choose, however I know my interest in technology and my new perspective on the world due to my experience in Belize will impact future choices that I will make.

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