Galapagos daily log

A short account of the Galapagos adventures so far…

Day One: Arrived in San Cristobal around noon and was greeted by our jubilant guide, Rodrigo Flores. After lunch we headed to the Visitors Center to learn about the rich history of the Galapagos Islands. Afterwards, we headed to our first (of many) snorkeling spots. We viewed numerous sea turtles, sea lions, and colorful fish.
Day 2: After a delicious breakfast, we met another guide who took us to La Hacienda in the highlands alongside a group that works to preserve the Galapagos’ diverse vegetation and reintroduce tortoises to the inlands. We spent two hours diggin holes and planting trees for the tortoises to live under.
We headed to a beach where our time was cut short due to intense currents. We headed back to the hostel to relax while some went to markets to shop, or sit by the water.
group in water 2
Day 3: Today we snorkeled off of a boat and viewed numerous sting rays and fish. We continued on to a beach where some swam/snorkeled while some relaxed on the shore. We enjoyed a delectable barbeque and headed back to the hostel.
Day 4: Woke up early and got on the boat to travel to Floreana, where we went for a walk to view the enourmous Galapagos turtles and caves in the highlands. After lunch we snorkeled off the coast and enjoyed the many sea turtles and octopus. We returned to the boat to continue to our final destination of Isabela Island, where we arrived, enjoyed dinner and headed to our hostel.
david in galaps
Day 5: Woke up early and headed to the Sierra Negra Volcano, a 4 hour round trip with an incredible view of the volcanic rock formations. After lunch got on a boat and went snorkeling where we again viewed many sea turtles. We also viewed blue footed boobies and Magellan Penguins.
Tomorrow we’ll kayak in Santa Cruz!
ochoa beach galaps


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