An update from Okhale

With just a few days left in Okhale the group is enjoying their homestays and looking forward to more travel.

At the beginning of this week, the group challenged their leadership skills and hosted two days of a summer camp for the children in Okhale. The first day, due to some miscommunications, the group ran activities for about 15 children. Then, on Tuesday they jumped in fully and hosted 40 children. The group split up into stations including: Sports camp, Music camp, Games, and Art Camp. The children rotated through activities ranging from singing song, drumming on pots and pans, henna tattoos, big games, and even manicures and pedicures as a fun past time!

The classroom project is coming along nicely with the walls and almost all of the roof completed. The students are learning a lot about construction as well as all the small details that make up the project. Some of the students are also rotating through assisting Bolle and Binod with on-site lunches. The group also hosted tea time for the crew that works with them on the worksite, showing their appreciation through preparing and serving masala tea. At times, the work site has been know to explode into a dance party. What a fun group!

In their group time, everyone continues to enjoy the ongoing “Life map” sharing. This has been allowing the group to get to know each other and about their lives back home, as well as the paths that led them together for this shared experience. Some students are practicing meditation more and more, and others are always out playing soccer. Everyone has been expressing true appreciation for their families back home, as they also connect more with their host families and reflect on their experiences.

The group is excited for the next adventure to Bhaktapur, but are also hoping to spend quality time with their host families and finish as much as they can of the classroom before the next adventure.

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