Wrapping up in Njoro

 After a fabulous weekend getaway to the Maji Moto oasis, the group really delved into life in Njoro this week.


In addition to spending quality time and soaking up the moments with their host families, the group worked tirelessly on the service projects and the murals! The group’s dedication for completing the service projects was admirable! They took initiative to ask each other ” What’s left to do?” and “Let’s figure out what needs to be done”.  In the last couple of days they cleaned and painted. Part of finishing a projects means presenting it! The group left the bathrooms, the completed classroom floor, and the two murals ready to use and view. The murals are quite spectacular and impressive works of art! (See them below)

In the homestays the students have been enjoying some exciting culinary adventures. Many of them embarked on making their families some of their favorite foods from home, including grilled cheese, and one group even made a fusion dish – traditional Tanzanian chapati with maple syrup! The families are very welcoming, opening their homes and preparing meals for the entire group at times.

The group continues to make friends in the community, both with the children, secondary school students and the teachers. One of the teachers gave a Swahili lesson to the students and tonight, the whole group was enjoying a BBQ hosted by one of the local teachers.

In the next few days the group will be preparing for the farewell party. In the van tonight on the way to the BBQ, they were practicing a few songs and soon will choose one to perfect. There will be several layers of goodbye parties, culminating with a celebration with all the families and extended community.

According to David, the group has been “squeezing out every last drop” of the community stay experience before they head out tomorrow to the United African Alliance Community Center for an overnight this weekend. We have been visiting the UAACC for many years now, and it is always a highlight for students. Peter and Mama C, who run the UAACC are remarkable people! After their visit, the students will return to Njoro for a few last days with their host families and then they are off Zanzibar!
bathroom tree mural


worldmap mural

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