Working hard in Belize

We had a brief opportunity to check in with the Belize group, they have been working hard on the service projects!

After arriving to a wonderful welcome party, the group settled right into their host families and jumped right into the service projects. In just a few short days, the group finished the basketball court and began painting. They are now working hard on more painting, building picnic tables, swings, and a fence!

The group has adjusted their schedule to that of the life in 7 Miles/El Progresso. They rise early and get right to work, then take lunch and a siesta, work for a little longer and then enjoy soccer, games, and other activities in the afternoons until dinner with their host families. Some days the group has been able to gather to watch some of the World Cup too! Everyone enjoys the time to get know new friends and the community.

After working hard every day on the worksite, many of the students have younger host siblings that they spend time playing with. Della and Isaac believe many of the students have a true gift in working with children. Everyone is working on their Spanish, some learning basic language and others working to navigate more complex situations in Spanish! They are learning about the education system and other available resources for the youth in community, as well as about the local culture. Each student is finding their niche as the community becomes more and more of a home.

Enjoy the photos of the service site on Facebook!




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